About Us

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Establishing Lasting Working Relationships Since1996.

At Crown Creations, we believe in quality over quantity.

We invest time in each individual case using modern technology, resulting in products crafted with the utmost care and knowledge. Being a family owned and operated business gives us the passion for what we do, the respect for our doctors, and concern for each patient’s happiness.

In January 1996, James and Rhonda Thomas opened the doors to Crown Creations Dental Laboratory. Starting this business with one local dentist, zero employees, and no money in the bank. With vision, hard work, and determination, Crown Creations began to grow. Now, over twenty years later, their dream has prevailed. The second generation of Thomas family members is now and integral part of daily operations. Today, Crown Creations is proud to employ more than 20 people between both of their locations located in McMinnville, Oregon and Redmond, Oregon.

James Thomas

30 years of dental lab experience.

Founder & President
Certified Dental Technician (CDT)
Member National Association of Dental Labs (NADL)

Max Thomas

8 years of dental lab experience.

General Manager & Implant Specialist
President of the Oregon Association of Dental Labs (OADL)